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The Chauncey Spencer Academic Motivational Program




Many at-risk children of color continue to either perform poorly in school or are failing to reach their academic potential. Yet, there exists ample research and examples that reveal under the right conditions, many of these children can, over time, meet grade level expectations in their core subjects. One of the ways these students can be significantly helped is by providing them with high-quality tutorial services, combined with engaging enrichment activities. 


Chauncey E. Spencer Academic Motivational Program - Tutorial and After School Services (CSAMP) will provide high-quality tutorial and enrichment activities with the goal of ensuring that participants reach their Grade Level Expectation in math and science and show improvement in other core subjects through an Integrated Tutorial and Motivational Program that will teach aeronautics and the history of African-American aviators.

Program Description


(CSAMP) is designed to help at-risk students of color master their core curriculum objectives/skills and increase their capacity to invest more of their time and effort in their education 

Pilot Project


Shabazz Academy, a charter school located in Lansing, Michigan, with the support of the Kellogg Foundation has provided CSAMP with funding to conduct a 15-Week Enrichment Pilot Program for 20 at-risk boys in grades 3 -6. A team of tutors/mentors along with volunteers from various engineering and aviation professions will strengthen participating students academic abilities and learning readiness. They will teach the listed instructional goals and objectives using Authentic Learning Strategies: hands-on, team-work and problem-solving. Thus, many of the learning modules will call for students to explore and manipulate materials on their own with the tutors/mentors as an observers and guides. Also planned are field trips to museums and airports in Ohio and Michigan. In addition, students, as indicated above, will build and fly model planes, conduct experiments, produce other related projects and learn about aviation careers and history. To help increase their self-esteem and motivation, the program will provide students with the opportunity to display their projects and demonstrate their knowledge/skills to the school and community.